Custom Clear Aligner

Divine Dual Sheets Work from Day to Night

Smartee α² Clear Aligner

Smartee α² is a refined 24-hour dual-Sheets invisible orthodontic treatment system independently developed by Smartee. Wear Smartee α Power during daytime for full correction. Wear Smartee α Control during nighttime for consolidation. Wear Smartee α Power and Smartee α Control alternately, giving full play to their unique advantages, and achieving improvement in orthodontic treatment efficiency and effect, while enhancing the wearing experience.

Dual-sheets Correction Double Efficiency

Smartee Drive, the Smartee material science system, and Smartee Link, the digital system, bring in new breakthrough in orthodontic treatment concept, and provide unique design concept of orthodontic treatment from day to night based on different orthodontic treatment environment - efficient orthodontic treatment during daytime, comfortable consolidation at night, achieving more ideal orthodontic treatment effects.

Combination of Dual Sheets Double Effect

Smartee α Power  
Excellent fracture resistance  Continuously reinforced tensile strength displays excellent fracture resistance.
High resilience  Excellent resilience makes the orthodontic force better expressed.
Uniform force  Even release of orthodontic force imposes more efficient control over complex tooth movement.
Smartee α Control  
Optimization of compensation efficiency Effectively optimize compensation efficiency and better express orthodontic force.
Intensified orthodontic treatment  Excellent clinical performance in root control, axis alignment and disrotation.
Good control  Constant and steady force application effectively improves the movement efficiency of teeth at night.}

Effectively Optimize Compensation Efficiency

In light of long days and short nights, Smartee α² pioneeringly combines the compensation efficiency with the correction environment, to effectively optimize the compensation efficiency, so that the orthodontic force is better expressed, and the efficiency of tooth movement is significantly improved.